Grace's Education Ministry prepares individuals of all ages to share the Gospel joyfully and nurture faith, equipping them to live as joyful disciples of Christ. We believe education should address the whole person - body, mind, and spirit - beginning in childhood and into adulthood. At Grace there are many opportunities to study God's Word. 


Education does not stop when you finish school! As Christians and disciples, we are always learning how to follow Jesus and serve Him more faithfully. Different groups meet in the mornings on Sunday to read books, talk about Scripture, and encourage one another in their walk with Christ. 


We want to prepare our youth to reap the benefits of a deeper faith as they grow into adulthood. Students in Grades 6 through 8 study Luther's Small Catechism. We also encourage growth through engagement with their faith in their community and with others. Therefore, high school students regularly participate in various Bible study opportunities, service projects, hospitality efforts, and fellowship events. 



A significant emphasis of our Children's Sunday School program combines teaching and a lifelong pursuit of discipleship (becoming more like Jesus). We are committed to supporting and caring for families and providing age-appropriate Bible teaching. Currently, we have the following classrooms: 

  • Children, 3-year-olds - 1st grade, Wittenberg Room

  • Children, 2nd-4th graders, Bethany Classroom

  • Confirmation, 5th-7th graders, Library


Care of Baptized Children

We believe in recognizing and celebrating children's development in their faith journey as they grow. In baptism, people are brought into the family of God and so begin their faith journey. Baptism is a Sacrament of God’s Word and Grace in which He calls us by name, assures us of our salvation, and knits us into the Body of Christ. 


As witnesses of God’s saving action, we pledge to pray for these children as they grow in faith, and for their parents as they teach the lessons of Christian faith in the home. The Care of Baptized Children provides Congregational celebrations of faith-life milestones, which includes the presentation of supportive gifts, and age-appropriate resources for parents to use in home worship and teaching.

We celebrate the following stages of children's development  (click the title to see the booklet for that age):

1. Grace-ing Babies: Birth – 1½; Baptism; Grace Friends; First year Baptism birthday celebration on Easter Sunday; Teaching resources for parents.

2. Pictures that Teach: Age 2 - Presentation of Picture Bible; Visual teaching resources for parents.

3. Learning to Pray: Age 4 – Presentation of Resources for Family Prayer/Devotions.

4. Words from God: Age 6 – Presentation of Children’s Bible; Teaching resources for parents.

5. Joyful Servants: Age 8 – Presentation of Towel & Basin; Home-centered serving activities.

6. Disciple Life: Age 9 – Presentation of First Catechism; Home teaching resources for parents.

Miss Mollie's School of Grace

Grace hosts a preschool on the Grace Lutheran Church Campus, offering a Christian based curriculum and age appropriate experiences to awaken spiritual awareness.  Visit Miss Mollie's website for details on the educational packages they offer. 

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Mission Statement: Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church exists to share the Gospel joyfully and nurture faith, trusting in God's unconditional love and grace.

Vision Statement: Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church will be a welcoming, caring, vibrant family that is united in Christ, boldly sharing His love.

Core Values: Because God loves us first, we value worship rooted in Scripture and Sacraments, service to all people, and being a welcoming community that loves and forgives one another.