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The Newsletter

There is so much happening at Grace, that often it's quite difficult to keep up. There are events and ministry opportunities and fellowship meetings going on nearly every week. Every individual in our church is going through their own struggles, stumbling through their own doubts, navigating family life, attempting to launch a career, trying not to buried in school work, or just trying to recover, bodily or mentally, from the effects of life's turmoil. There are also many good things happening in the lives of people at Grace as well: exploration of faith, growing friendships, or devotion to charity and service are just some of them. We are learning--through mistakes, through God's grace, and through our faltering attempts to follow Christ. It can be wonderful and at times it can be discouraging. 

As a united body of believers, we know that we cannot walk this faith journey alone. We walk it with Christ--and we walk it with one another. For Grace, the newsletter is not merely a compilation of more announcements and updates. Rather, our vision is that the newsletter would be a vessel (one among many) for members of Grace to lift one another up. Testimony--or witnessing to the movement of God in our life--can be a powerful tool for building up the Church. 


We want the newsletter to provide space for testimony--for stories about what God has done, is doing, and what we hope God will continue to do. It is a place for vision--for seeing the potential fruit of faithful disciples who continue to do the work of God. Your stories, your witness, matters to the church and to those who sit next to you in the pew. Your testimony lets others know that they are not alone in their struggles, and that God is present even when we have trouble seeing Him. 

There is an open invitation for all those in Grace to contribute to the newsletter, which is published on a monthly basis. Each of our newsletters focus on a different theme each month. The March edition is focused on Outreach Ministries. If you are interested in writing for this or any future newsletter, please contact Olivia Fain at the church office. Newsletter articles can be sent to The deadline for article submission for the March newsletter is Monday, February 17. 

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Mission Statement: Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church exists to share the Gospel joyfully and nurture faith, trusting in God's unconditional love and grace.

Vision Statement: Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church will be a welcoming, caring, vibrant family that is united in Christ, boldly sharing His love.

Core Values: Because God loves us first, we value worship rooted in Scripture and Sacraments, service to all people, and being a welcoming community that loves and forgives one another.