Day of Pentecost

Text: John 4:19-26

Prayer Pointers:

For the joy of the Spirit of God

For the Spirit’s power in the face of adversity

For the Holy Church

O day full of grace, that now we see…

Pentecost! The rushing Spirit! Deeds of power!

Today, often called the Church’s birthday, is celebrated because this day God sealed the work of Christ by pouring out his Spirit of Truth, the Spirit that brings God, the Spirit that is God.

God came to us then at Pentecost,

His Spirit new life revealing;

That we might no more from him be lost,

All darkness for us dispelling.

His flame will the mark of sin efface

and bring to us all his healing.

As we end our Easter observances and look to the time of the Church’s growth, remember that we dare, we try, we work, we bless, we rejoice by the power of the same Spirit that came to Peter and the gathered believers long ago. That Spirit, that fire that is God’s life, was given to you at baptism, that you may grow in strength, in wisdom, in power, in joy.

When we on that final journey go

that Christ is for us preparing

We’ll gather in song, our hearts aglow

the joy of all heaven sharing.

May your day be grace-filled ~ Pr. Dave Brooks


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