Easter Sunday

Text: John 1:14-18

Prayer Pointers: 

For steadfastness in the Word

For those who are on the edge of grace

The core of the mystery of Jesus is the cross. It is the sign of abandonment, of defeat, of death; it is the sign of presence, of victory, of life. The Lutheran Reformation insisted that the only way to understand how God worked in the world was to become a theologian of the cross: someone who did not look for God to work in the ways that humans expected, but rather look closely for God in the places not expected, such as in a man condemned and executed.

That it happened in this way is also the sign to us, that nothing about our lives, nothing about us is beyond God’s power to save. We are not irredeemable; we are not lost causes; we are not “too far gone.” The power of God to save, to set free, to redeem is for each of us, and for all of us. That is the truth, and that is what grace is.


~ P. Brooks


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