Feast of St. Matthias (Deferred) February 25, 2021

Prayer Pointers:

To not be dismayed with where you start

To be open to the calling of the Lord

To look for chances to help others answer the Lord's call

Today’s text: 1 John 2:18-25

THE SPIRIT IS WISE, even to helping us in our mistakes, and in the things we overlook.

Yesterday (Feb 24) was the feast day of St. Matthias. Matthias is the Apostle selected in the in-between time, (Acts 1:21-26) that moment in Acts between the Ascension of Jesus and the coming of the Holy Spirit. He is unique in that he is the only apostle not selected personally by Jesus. It did not matter to him that he was not one of the “originals” because, according to all accounts, Matthias ably fulfilled the role of an apostle, going with the Good News of Jesus Christ to other lands. Like the new lead singer or guitarist in your favorite band, Matthias steps up and delivers, not caring whether he compares favorably or not to who was there first.

It is easy to overlook Matthias. Most of the early church accounts are unsure about who he was: whether he was one of the original twelve, whether (more likely) he was one of the 70, or even if there’s been some conflating of the stories. We all have a Matthias in our lives, someone who is steady, supportive, ready to do what needs to be done, but easily overlooked, confused with someone else, or caught in an in-between time. All they need is a chance, a moment for someone to pray with them or over them that the Lord’s will might be revealed in their lives, and that they might begin fulfilling the meaning of their name (Matthias= Gift of God).

Who is the Matthias in your life?

May your day be grace-filled ~ Pr. Dave Brooks


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