Fifth Day of Christmas--Tuesday

Updated: Jan 1

Text: John 7:37-52

Prayer Pointers:

That the Lord will refresh you daily

For those who seek clean water

NEAR MY CHILDHOOD HOME, there was a small spring—unnoticeable, really, unless you stepped on what appeared to be solid, dry ground, for you would quickly sink up to your shins in mud. The water that flowed would run toward the street, where, as time passed, it would undermine the shoulder of the road and collapse the pavement. I remember the many times the city sent repair trucks to shore up the damaged road.

Tired of the regular repairs, the city worked with concerned homeowners and got a state grant to fix the problem once and for all. For three weeks earth movers, dump trucks, paving machines and lots of men labored to install concrete pipe, redirect the surface drainage and resurface the road. When they were done, no sign of the spring remained.

For a year, all remained as it should.

Then a tropical storm blew through, dumping several inches of water on our region and swelling creeks and rivers well over their banks—including the low spot in which the little spring dwelt. The combination of concrete and piping, sufficient for a slow flow, was no match for a torrent and the entire roadway was washed out.

It took months to get the road repaired.

One old-timer said repeatedly, “water goes where it wants, and washes what it will.”

Where is the water of life that is Jesus wanting to go in your life? What does it want to wash?


May you know Christmas joy ~ Pr. Dave Brooks

--Photo courtesy of David H. Brooks


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