Friday, 11th Week after Pentecost

Text: Acts 2:1-21

Prayer Pointers:

For the Holy Spirit to guide your speech

For those who have not yet heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ

LUTHER EXPLAINS THE BIRTH of the church in this way:

Notice how the Holy Spirit descends and fills the hearts of the disciples who sit in fear and sorrow. He renders their tongues fiery, inflames them with love, even boldness, in preaching Christ--unto free and fearless utterance. Plainly, then, it is not the office of the Spirit to write books or to institute laws. He writes in the hearts of men, creating a new heart, so that man may rejoice before God, filled with love for him and ready, as a result, to serve his neighbors gladly.

You might see the connection with Jesus’ insistence that it is what comes out of the heart that makes someone clean or unclean. The Holy Spirit, the Spirit that is God, comes now and makes a home within the hearts of men and women, and from their mouths now come praise, wisdom, speech that is full of faith and hope and love.

When this happens, others notice! The Spirit comes through proclamation, through the announcement of good news, that Jesus Christ has set all things right. Under the power of the Spirit, Peter speaks a “good word,” and people respond. In our current world, where there is so much malediction, so much bad speech, so much fear and woe coming from all corners and quarters of the land, it seems time to let the Spirit lead us to speak a benediction, a good word so that our neighbors may be encouraged.

May your day be grace-filled ~ Pr. Dave Brooks


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