Friday, Fourth Week of Epiphany February 5, 2021

--Town Square of Jena, Germany

Prayer Pointers:

For the joy of seeking the Lord, and being found

For patience in times of trial

Today’s text: Isaiah 55:1-13

HISTORIANS POINT OUT that Martin Luther’s effort to translate Isaiah into German during the late 1520s was interrupted several times, most notably by an outbreak of plague that caused the University of Wittenberg to move to the city Jena—one hundred miles away—for 8 or 9 months.

Despite this disruption and the resultant delays, Luther could write: “let the Christian [remember] that though all else has been taken away, Christ has not [departed} or been removed…and so let [the believer] spurn everything outside of Christ.”

In our own time of disruptions/interruptions, don’t forget Luther’s wisdom on what is truly ours, and let these days reveal what in our lives does and does not satisfy our need for God. Let us remember with joy that God’s Word to us does not fail in its purpose but accomplishes what He desires it to do, even as we work and wait.

May your day be grace-filled ~ Pr. Dave Brooks


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