Friday, Second Week of Easter April 16, 2021

Prayer Pointers:

For the saints among us

For strength to practice the faith in these days

Today’s text: Luke 3:15-22

THE GREAT TENSION in the Gospels is the “hiddenness” of the Messiah. In Mark, this is called the Messianic Secret, as Jesus stops any who experience his power from telling others about it. In John, the hiddenness of Jesus’ Messiahship causes the religious leaders to angrily surround him in the Temple, demanding that he tell them plainly—no more hints! The secret is also in Luke; the people alive and buzzing with anticipation, wondering if John is the long-promised Redeemer come at last, wondering if the Messiah is among them at all.

The fact that Jesus, the Beloved Son of God, comes hidden, his majesty obscured, is for our sakes. He is no Marvel superhero, flashing power from his fists; he does not appear among the beautiful people, the rich, the well-connected, the important; he does not engage in the 1st century equivalent of Instagram and Twitter to “pwn” his opponents. His ways are not our ways.

So do not be surprised that those who belong to this Messiah are also secret. The lives of God’s holy ones are hidden with Christ. There is also a veil drawn around those who move among us, walking in our Lord’s ways, doing the work of the Kingdom. Be sharp eyed! You never know when someone you meet is one moving under the Spirit’s power, in the majesty of the Christ, with the blessing of the Father.

May your day be grace-filled ~ Pr. Dave Brooks


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