Good Friday

Devotional Text: John 13:36-38

Prayer Prompts:

For strength to stand in the shadow of the Cross

For those preparing for baptism

Lord, where are you going?

One of my favorite devotional style songs comes from the Broadway show Godspell, that old chestnut of hippy Jesus People dancing around in an empty New York.

Yes, I think it’s a good show.

But the song: “By My Side” asks the question Peter asks today. “Where are you going? Can you take me with you?” As the song unfolds, the singer declares she will put a pebble in her shoe and call the pebble Dare. It is an interesting moment, because it suggests that the thing that trips people up on the road of faith is what they might dare to do in pursuit of life with Jesus. What I mean by that is “what is that thing that you wish you could do, but don’t, or can’t, or won’t.” What is the limit of dare? What wouldn’t you dare do, even with Jesus by your side?

Peter declared loudly what he would dare: he would lay down his life for the Lord, the Messiah. Of course, Jesus deflates his bombast, but that is just prelude: Peter finds the pebble in his shoe when he doesn’t dare speak a word in defense of Jesus, let alone risk his life in that defense.

For most of us, our life with Christ will not come to that moment, when we will be in potential danger because of our relationship with Jesus. But we all have that Peter moment, when we let our daring go because…well, because your reasons are your own, and just as good as mine. But Jesus will dare. He will drink the cup the Father offers to the dregs. He will enter into the darkness, step before that old dragon Satan, open his arms to embrace death.

Jesus dares.

~ P. Brooks


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