Monday, 13th Week after Pentecost

Text: Acts 5:12-26

Prayer Pointers:

For joy in the Holy Spirit

For someone you know who needs release from bondage

For all who are homebound during this time

THE FOCUS OF ACTS is on what the Holy Spirit can do in the lives of men and women. The several verses appointed for today are almost breathless in their movement, for we read that by God’s power:

+ signs and wonders are done among the crowds

+ healing flows forth to those in distress

+ prison doors are opened

+ the deeds of the wicked are thwarted

In all of this, God focuses and refocuses Peter and company on one task: proclaim the Word. Tell what you have seen and heard. Covey to all “the words of this Life.”

It is this last phrase—from the instructions given the prisoners by a messenger of God—that the Church today desperately needs to hear. The wisdom of Jesus is life because Jesus himself is Life. His own endless life pours out from him, whether in the literal moment where his life pours out from the cross, or from the Holy Supper that we celebrate in his name and by his promise, or by the word that he gives us that a light upon our daily path. Jesus’ word is Life, Truth and Way, because he is Life, Truth and Way, and he sets us free from every type of bondage.

May your day be grace-filled ~ Pr. Dave Brooks


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