Monday, 20th week after Pentecost

Text: Acts 20:17-38

Prayer Pointers:

To recognize the work of the Spirit in your life

For those facing the pains of farewells and goodbyes

For those dying apart from family

PAUL IS GOING TO JERUSALEM. He has been collecting monetary gifts from the churches around the Aegean Sea for the Jerusalem church, and wishes to go with his companions before the season changes and sea travel is too treacherous (mid-November).

The deeper reason why Paul is going to Jerusalem is to give witness to the Lord Jesus Christ—with his very life. Acts will tell how this, Paul’s last journey, will show forth Christ in the very capital of the Empire. Even as his friends and companions warn him, Paul’s resolve grows.

In our day, when so much of our religious observances are a type of hobby, a set of lifestyle choices that can be adopted or discarded as they serve our needs, Paul’s single-minded determination can appear odd, even off-putting. But Paul is clear about his life: once he was estranged from God, but Christ set him free, and became his Lord. The obligation that Paul senses is the obligation of love; he will not turn away from the path that Jesus has set for him, even as its dangers grow. It is love that keeps Paul on the path, his feet moving, his face set toward Jerusalem….

May your day be grace-filled ~ Pr. Dave Brooks


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