Monday, Feast of St. Andrew

Text: John 1:35-42

Prayer Pointers:

To be ready to answer the Lord’s call

To grow in the strength of the Spirit

To be ready to be a servant

ANDREW, THE FIRST CALLED! We read in John that he was a disciple of John the Baptist, and so we can assume that Andrew was someone who was already alert for the signs of God’s work in the world. In this short anecdote we see the circle of the disciple’s life—Andrew is invited by Jesus to “come and see;” he then goes into the world and shares what he has been given (we have found the Messiah); he then introduces another to the one whom he has found (he brought Simon to Jesus).

In our own world, there are many who are seeking the signs of God’s work in the world. Be ready! Even though the shadows lengthen, light is shining, and God’s Anointed is on the way. You have been called, you have something to share, and you can introduce another to the one who has found you.

May your day be grace-filled ~ Pr. Dave Brooks


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