Monday, First Week of Epiphany January 11


Heavenly Father, guide us in Thy way, that we may serve You well. Amen.

Text: Ephesians 1:1-14

There is a song from the 1950's musical "SUMMER STOCK'":

“PACK UP YOUR TROUBLES, COME ON GET HAPPY, GET READY FOR THE JUDGEMENT DAY” is a song from the 1950’s musical “SUMMER STOCK’. A musical that was EXTREMELY upbeat the entire movie and stirred the savage soul with happiness and cheer. Ah, those were the days!! It was a time after the end of WW2, but yet the beginning of the Korean War. A time that our country needed cheering up, happy thoughts. A time of not thinking of worrying what was going on overseas. Hoping it was the beginning of peace in the world. Little did we know that the Korean war was shorter lived as WW2 and little did we know that we were on the verge of what I call the fabulous 50’s. Yes, those were the Days!!!

Now I am not about to give Hollywood credit for a possible biblical reference here to benefit their cause, but I do feel it was a time that Hollywood felt they weren’t as powerful as they feel they are now. It seems to me that when Hollywood makes a movie based on biblical history or reference they seem somehow to figure a way to put in THEIR opinion or add something in addition to the true word to make a point in order to profit their agenda over others.

Enough of this!!!! What does this have to do with John’s letter to the church in Ephesus? Paul is addressing the Ephesians during a time that the Gentile Christians predominated, and they tended to look down on their Jewish fellow Christians. Paul was called to work among the Gentiles, but he had no patience or brief for a divided church. Paul’s theme here is God’s wonderful plan to bring men of all nations and background together in Christ. We are all one and on equal terms with God. We express this oneness in our relationships with others and the way we behave. God does indeed pour out His love on us and since the beginning He determined to share His spiritual riches and glory with us thru Christ. We believe in Him and His death sets us free, we are forgiven, and we share His new risen life. Thanks be to God!!!!

~ Scott Gesell,



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