Monday, Fourth Week of Lent March 15, 2021

Prayer pointers:

In thanks for God’s grace to you

For the joy of the Holy Communion

For those who are traveling

Today’s text: John 6:1-15

IF YOU ARE OF THE RIGHT AGE, you may remember the early days of the US Interstate system and how important the rest stops were. Long before every exit ramp got its own fast food and gas station, the rest stops built along the lonely stretches of the interstate highways were true oases, where travelers could find relief and renewal for the next part of the journey. Drivers and their passengers would eagerly look for the road sign that let them know that a rest stop was only a few miles away. Even a humble picnic table under a shady would be a welcome sight on a long journey.

As we journey through life toward the home our Lord has prepared for us, we discover that he has also provided oases along the way, places where we can be renewed. Christ has, in the words of one theologian, “planted His Table” along the road, and when we receive the Eucharist we are partaking of heavenly food and drink that brings relief and renewal to our hungry, weary and restless souls. Are you tired from being on the road? Then watch for the sign of Christ’s presence, gather under the Tree of his Crucifixion and be refreshed at His Table!

May your day be grace-filled ~ Pr. Dave Brooks


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