Monday In the First Week of Easter

Text: Luke 24:13-35

Prayer Pointers:

For hearts full of Easter faith                                   

For Godly interruptions

For travelers and those far from home

Their eyes were kept from recognizing him…

There is a bit of common wisdom around now that goes something like this: we see what we expect to see. Experience, education, philosophical commitments, personal loyalty; all these and more combine to shape our vision, and we will cling tightly to our “life spectacles” unless something happens that knocks them (figuratively) off our faces.

The Gospel of John talks about this a lot, about how people are groping around in darkness even as their life spectacles tell them that they see just fine. Here, the Gospel of Luke joins John: two travelers, walking dejectedly down the road, returning to whatever life they had before all the adventures and the sorrows of their time with Jesus interposed itself, and, for a bit, they thought that things would be different.

But things are not different: experience, education and all the rest have combined to keep their life spectacles firmly on their faces, and so they do not see the stranger that suddenly interposes himself into their conversation.

But notice what happens: there is an offer and acceptance of hospitality—a spiritual habit, if you will—and in that moment the life spectacles of these two travelers are knocked off their faces and sent flying across the room. In wonder and astonishment, they now see what was plainly there: Jesus, who was dead, is alive before them, and he is still bestowing blessing.

I imagine everything looked different from that moment on.

Easter joy ~ Pr. Dave Brooks


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