Monday in the Fourth Week of Easter

Text: Acts 2:42-4:61

Prayer Pointers:

For boldness in believing

For new habits in the Spirit

For teachers of the Word

Many commentators and teachers talk about how this early phase of the church was all about “spreading the Word,” as if the only point was a drive to get the message out. I don’t think that’s quite right.

Yes, starting with the apostles and then with others, the word was proclaimed, but by that I mean that Jesus was proclaimed. There is Good News, and it is about Jesus, who reconciles us to God, and makes all things new! But there is an interesting move that happens as this Good News about Jesus is announced and taught: people begin adjusting their daily life habits.

The core of the early chapters about Acts is its examining of how daily life is shifted, even upended: people sell possessions and share the proceeds; people who should not mix or spend time together are now looking for ways to break bread together; people start learning how to do the things that Jesus does, like prayer to the Father. People begin learning and living a new way of life, and their joy in this new way is so strong it still hops off the page two millennia later.

Easter joy ~ Pr. Dave Brooks


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