Monday, Second Week of Easter April 12, 2021

Prayer Pointers:

For God to be glorified in your life

That the Church may be one

Today’s text: John 17:1-11

IT IS A STRANGE type of glory; this exaltation of which Jesus speaks. John’s Gospel is clear that the Crucifixion—that ghastly spectacle—is the coronation of Jesus the King, the moment when his glory is most wonderfully revealed. The Son of God, the Word that spoke all things into existence, is held to the cross by love of and obedience to the Father. The world might say that such a death was pointless, disgusting, and as far from divine glory as it is possible to be, but the world is wrong!

And this same strange glory, glory hidden under its opposite, glory that is revealed in obedience and love, is bestowed on all the baptized. Christ’s death is our death! Christ’s life is our life! We have been grasped, gripped, grabbed from the maw of sin, and brought close to God—our lives hidden in the greater life of our Savior. The great and secret joy of the Christian is to know that in every encounter and every moment the glory of God is liable to burst through—no matter what the world might say.

May your day be grace-filled ~ Pr. Dave Brooks

--Detail, The Yellow Christ by Paul Gauguin


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