Monday, Third Week of Lent March 8, 2021

Prayer pointers:

For the Spirit to mark your life with humility

For the fruits of the Spirit in your life

Today’s text: John 7:14-36

WHILE THE PROCESS OR RITUAL of circumcision was known and practiced in other ancient cultures, in Israel it was the particular sign of belonging to the people with whom God had covenanted. God had called the people of Israel into existence through Abraham who had no children; circumcision was the reminder that every Israelite’s life was possible only because of God’s faithfulness.

Upon the appearance of Jesus, something new is at work; the covenant God establishes does not involve the body but addresses the heart of every man and woman. He complains to the crowd that presses him that they do not understand what is happening. Circumcision may make a man a part of the Abrahamic covenant, but someone older/greater than Abraham has come (John 8:53-58). Jesus is able to make the whole body well, including the heart. The covenant that Jesus establishes makes it possible for a person to receive the Spirit that comes from God and experience the joy of God’s faithfulness.

May your day be grace-filled ~ Pr. Dave Brooks


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