Monday, Week of Christ the King

Text: Luke 18:15-30

Prayer Pointers:

To remember that in Christ, we lack nothing

To be thankful for the Kingdom

ONE THING YOU LACK, said Jesus to the rich man who asked for the key to inherit eternal life. You lack the ability to open your hand and let it all go for the promise of the Kingdom.

Peter points out that they have done exactly what Jesus suggests: they have let go of home and its comforts, its protections, its status to chase after the Lord and the hope of the Kingdom he brings. Jesus comforts Peter, assuring him that the space Peter has made in his life is room enough for God to pour even more into it.

As we prepare for our national holiday, can you give thanks for the space in your life? For the ability to let go? For the promise that is the Kingdom of God? Take a moment and look at your open hands, and notice that now they are ready to receive—and give thanks that the Kingdom is near.

May your day be grace-filled ~ Pr. Dave Brooks


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