Reformation Day

Text: Isaiah 55:1-11; Acts 25:13-27

Prayer Pointers:

To give thanks for the gifts of God, including reason, justice, mercy and humility

For those who lead or rule others

IT IS A HAPPY COINCIDENCE that as we are coming to the end of Acts, we have Paul interacting with the great and noble of his day, for the Reformation would not have traveled as far as it did without the great and noble of Luther’s day speeding it along. One now unknown reformer remarked that “the noble pagan, acting on the light of reason and in pursuit of justice, serves the Lord better than the Christian who has only himself in view.” We might say the same of those who, despite the many pressures upon them to do what is expedient or self-serving, pursue justice, cultivate mercy and walk with humility (Micah 6:8). In our history, Frederick the Wise is a notable example, but his brother John the Steadfast and John’s son John Frederick also aided the cause of Reformation. As years went on, there were others who joined the cause of calling the church back to life around Christ and the Word.

As we come to All Saints Day, let us give thanks to God for those rulers and leaders who helped shepherd the Reformation and called the Church to greater love of her Lord.

May your day be grace-filled ~ Pr. Dave Brooks


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