Saturday, 12th Week after Pentecost

Text: Acts 4:32-5:11

Prayer Pointers:

For the willingness to invest in your Christian family

To let God shape you through your family in Christ

For those struggling to be generous

AN INVESTMENT FIRM REPRESENTATIVE, looking for untapped markets, decided to travel to Shiprock, AZ on the Navajo reservation and try to drum up some clients. He offered a free lunch at the local hotel as long as you listened to his sales pitch.

Ninety-five Navajos took advantage of the offer, but the investment guru did not get one client that day. Nothing he threw at them: outliving your money, planning to see the world, wanting to leave something behind for your grandkids—made an impression on his audience, whose lives were such that they do not even have a Navajo word for “savings.”

The reason the Navajo—their own name for themselves simply means “The People”—don’t have a word for savings is that they have several words for family. There is nothing more important in Navajo culture than family, and their sense of family extends to all who are connected by blood or marriage to every Navajo man or woman. Sharing resources among this extensive family network is deeply woven in Navajo culture, and one of the worst curses you can utter to a Navajo is that he or she acts as if there’s no family.

I see something of this same concept in the description of the early church we read today. God has made them a People; they invest in one another; Ananias and Sapphira meet a grisly end because they act as if they have no family, no reason to be grateful. And while we might look at this story and say, “it didn’t work;” it is more honest to say that it didn’t endure. It did work. The story itself reports that there was no one among them who was in need. They invested in each other.

In our world, maybe the methods we need or use to invest in each other as the People of God might be different, but the importance of investing in one another has not. God has made us His sons and daughters and we are brothers and sisters; we are blessed by our Godly family. Let’s invest in each other.

May your day be grace-filled ~ Pr. Dave Brooks


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