Saturday, 14th Week after Pentecost

Text: Acts 9:10-19

Prayer Pointers:

For your growth in prayer

For someone to send you a partner for ministry

“FOR BEHOLD, HE IS PRAYING…” One of the key, maybe THE key place for the Christian to encounter God is in prayer. God is a God who hears, and prayer opens up for the believer multiple opportunities for encountering God.

Given the importance of prayer, there are two great mistakes that Christians make when it comes to prayer: they fail to pray when things are not going well, and they fail to pray when things are going well. Prayer in both of these circumstances is difficult, and for finally the same reason.

Prayer in times of great distress or need is challenging: we are tempted to forgo prayer to focus on “what’s important,” or we can only find words of accusation or complaint. We fear to say something impious, or we fear that God is not available, at least to us. But prayer is an antidote, a balm to our need, a reminder that God is more than able to bear our accusations, and finally a moment of ministry, for prayer draws us out of ourselves, refocuses our vision so that we can see something other than ourselves.

Prayer in times of great success or ease is also challenging. Good times tempt us to forgo prayer because “all is well,” or we mouth the same words over and over that smell of apathy. Far from being afraid, we run toward self-satisfaction, and when things are going well, who cares if God is near or not? This is why the Scriptures warn so much of wealth. The poor in body or spirit at least are aware of their need; who looks at a full bank account or a full stomach and says “that’s nothing but trouble”? Prayer in times of plenty and joy reorient ourselves to the God who makes blessing possible, and help us avoid the dangers that come with blessing, so that we can see something other than ourselves.

May your day be grace-filled ~ Pr. Dave Brooks


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