Saturday after Holy Trinity

Text: Proverbs 8:1, 22-36

Prayer Pointers:

For wisdom in daily living

For joy in the creation

Proverbs as a general type of writing are found in lots of different cultures, offering short, memorable summaries of recognizable truth. The Biblical Proverbs, compiled by Solomon and others in his famous court where many of the wise and well-educated would have interacted, offer both guidance in how to live before God and how to live in the world.

The passage today is somewhat different, as it is Wisdom herself who speaks, telling of her delight as she recalls her role as witness to the wondrous acts of creation. It is important to notice that wisdom is part of the underpinning, the foundation of creation itself. Before the earth is begun, wisdom is “set up,” woven into the very substance of how creation works. This is why people from ancient times sought wisdom—that they might understand creation, know how to live well within reality, and touch the purpose of the Creator in the process.

Jesus, in his ministry and by his life, shifts our focus slightly, for he has become our wisdom. We live before God and with others in the world strengthened by his endless life that he gives us, and by his teachings that guide us. The “yoke” of Jesus helps us to understand what Wisdom celebrated: the glories of the creation. We rejoice in our Lord because he reveals to us what the ancients could only guess: the purpose of the Creator, who we call our Father. This is Christianity: to learn the way of Jesus Christ, to study what Jesus does and practice it in our own lives.

May your day be grace-filled ~ Pr. Dave Brooks


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