Saturday After Pentecost

Text: Ezekiel 47: 1-12; John 4: 1-30

Prayer Pointers:

For the power of the Gospel to continue flowing

For our cities

For people needing healing and hope

The city of Jerusalem, built on a hill in the rolling plateau between the Mediterranean to the west and the deserts to the east, had many advantages, but one great disadvantage: few reliable sources of water. Rains in the winter would hopefully fill the many cisterns established around the city as a defense against the hot, dry summers. When the water was gone, there was little to do but pray and endure while your very bones seemed to dry out.

Ezekiel, far from Jerusalem among the Exiles in Babylon, sees his beloved Jerusalem in a vision. Jerusalem is no longer dry. The city is no longer parched, no longer at a disadvantage, but is now lovely, for water flows from her very center, so much water that before long you’re swimming in it. Yet not water of destruction, wild waves washing away everything, but water for refreshment, water for healing, water that gives life.

It was the kind of vision that a spiritually parched Exile needed.

Which is why, some centuries later, in what began as a chance encounter, another spiritually parched exile hears that there is living water on the way—and it is for her.

It is water that flows from the center of all things, the Lord God, and makes all things lovely.

It is water that brings healing and hope to every parched life.

It is water that fills and refreshes a body so much that the result is eternal life.

In these days, where there is so much spiritual dehydration, so much spiritual thirst that people are willing to drink from whatever brackish or polluted puddle they find, and our cities are smoking dry, pray—and be willing to be carried along by the river that flows from the presence of God to every man, woman and child.

Don’t be afraid to get wet; the water’s fine!

May your day be grace-filled ~ Pr. Dave Brooks

"Free-flowing River," courtesy of Wallpapers DSC


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