Saturday, Fifth Week of Lent March 27, 2021

Text: John 11:28-44.

Prayer Pointers:

To remember that the Lord has got you in His hands through every trial in life

To be patient as we wait on the Lord for His good answers

The Lazarus story brings to my mind 2020, a year of trial for me personally, as it was for so many others. I was caring for my aging father as he experienced increasing dementia, then Covid hit. I was unable to visit him at his assisted living as much as before and only for short periods for specific care. The isolation seemed unbearable for him, as he was confined almost entirely to his room.

Shortly after Covid hit, I was furloughed from my job, on Good Friday, right before Easter. In June my father took a bad fall and within a week or so, he had passed away. A week or two after his passing, I came down with a tough case of Covid that I probably picked up at hospice when sitting with my father or at his assisted living when clearing out his apartment.

In early September, I received a letter from my employer of 20 years terminating me.

Through it all, the Lord was with me; His message in the still small voice that whispered in my ear was ‘trust Me.’ I prayed (as did many other faithful prayer warriors who prayed for me) through all my trials of 2020 for the Lord to guide my paths and show me the way.

Then in late September, I was offered a job at Grace! Wow! The Lord reached out and said, ‘I have a job for you!’ and to His amazing glory He reached down in the midst of a tough year and gave me a job – all glory be to God.

Not many people have a problem worse than Lazarus had. There was purpose wrapped up in his sickness and death and a big message in his being brought back to life by Jesus. Whenever the storms of life rock your world, and things feel out of control, take it to your Father in prayer.

And remember the lessons of the Lazarus story:

· Sometimes bad things happen to good people, for God’s glory.

· It is ok to be totally real with God. He is compassionate and cares for us.

· When God brings you through a trial (or several!), share the story to God’s glory.

· It is never too late for the Lord. Never give up on Him.

· God is always in control.

· Delay does not mean denial. God’s timing is not our timing.

· Whatever happens in your life, God has it wrapped up in purpose.

~May the Lord bless and keep you this day. Barb Tippin


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