Saturday, Fourth Week of Epiphany February 6, 2021

Prayer Pointers:

For steadfastness in prayer

For those who are struggling for deeper faith

Today’s text: Mark 9:14-29

THIS DAILY DEVOTION IS in part an invitation to prayer, hoping that you, the reader, will be encouraged in your prayer life.

Like the father pleading with Jesus, we must also acknowledge our lack of faith, and further acknowledge that such a situation affects our ability to pray. What to say? How to say it? Why to say it? We are all those who, from our perspective, are reduced to “if you can do anything…”

But do not let that tepid and uncertain attitude of the heart stop you! Begin there—begin in the recognition that deep down inside you see that nothing can be done, and you, I, we are helpless—nothing can be done. But wonder of wonders, that is where true prayer is rooted: “I am helpless, I am trapped, I cannot even generate the ‘right faith,’ the ‘right attitude;’ I am not EVEN SURE THAT I WANT TO do so!”

It is in that moment that God hears and takes action in our very helplessness. All things are possible with him! If you have nothing else, nothing worth praying over, then give over your helplessness and let God be God!

May your day be grace-filled ~ Pr. Dave Brooks


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