Saturday in Holy Week, April 3, 2021

Text: Romans 8: 1-11.


Our reading today is an excellent summation of God’s plan for our redemption. The law that He gave in the Old Testament can only clearly show our need for a Savior because we can never live up to its standards. Meeting the law’s standards does not save us because no person can do this. We are hopelessly stuck.

The New Testament documents how God renews hope that we can get unstuck and live with Him after our earthly death. Both Jesus and the Holy Spirit play roles in God’s plan. Jesus is the doer. He meets the laws standards but, unfairly, still pays the price of a lawbreaker through His crucifixion. The Holy Spirit is given to us in Baptism and is the only source of the faith that saves us: belief in our redemption via Jesus’ sacrifice on that cross. As Christians, we are always learning how to follow the Spirit. Walking the Spirit’s path means that we will be redeemed. We have hope!

This message from Paul is not new. But our Creator knows how much we need to have things repeated to get our attention and to push against the insistent, but flawed, message we hear from the world. Just as the commemoration of Jesus’ sacrifice during Easter 2021 remains an important way to inspire us, my prayer is that each of us feels inspiration as we reflect on this Good News of hope that Paul testifies in this Bible passage.

~ Kent Silvernail, Lay Minister of Stewardship


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