Saturday in the Sixth Week of Easter

Text: Numbers 11:16-17, 24-29

Prayer Pointers:

For discovering your calling

For moving along the path with Jesus

For those who serve in our parish

(Now that this devotional blog is maturing, it seems good that Saturdays be given over to the daily Old Testament reading, as Saturday is the Sabbath for our elder siblings in the family of God, the Jewish people).

This story in Numbers is a weaving of two related stories: the continual murmuring and complaining of the People of Israel and how God through his servant Moses addresses their complaints; and how God takes action to move the focus and burden of servanthood off of Moses and include others as participants in God’s care for his people.

The story itself is quite instructive, and so the only point I want to make is to ask you to notice that God is intimately active in the lives of his people. God is not far off; he is not unknown, certainly not to Moses, and then not to the 70, and really, not to the people. Eldad and Medad are prophesying in the camp—where ordinary, regular life happens!

God is the minister to his people. Not Moses, not the 70, but God himself takes action. As the famous Jewish theologian Abraham Heschel noted:

"but the Bible is not [speculation] about an unknown God. It is built upon a rock of certainty that God has made known his will to his people… the will of God is neither a metaphor nor a euphemism but more powerful and more real that our own experiences."

For the Christian, who has been brought near to this active God by Jesus, we are rescued from pious metaphors and speculative euphemisms by going to the concrete places where Jesus promises to be. And, like his Heavenly Father, Jesus is a minister, out there in the world, where regular, ordinary life happens.

Easter joy ~ Pr. Dave Brooks


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