Monday, Seventh Week of Easter May 17, 2021

Text: Luke 9:51-62

Jesus said. “You Know not what manner of spirit you are of. For the Son of Man came not to destroy men’s lives, but to save them.” Luke 9:55-56

Jesus was on His way to Jerusalem by way of Samaria, but the Samaritans did not desire to receive them, because He had set His face toward Jerusalem. This angered James and John who asked Jesus if He wanted to call down fire from heaven to consume them. (James and John were the brothers Jesus had named “Sons of Thunder.” (Mark 3:17) because of their temper).

But Jesus answer was not as much a rebuke as a training for the disciples who were chosen to carry on His work after He was gone. First, He had no desire for anyone not to live until they had the choice. Accept the Gospel or not, repent of their sins or not, to believe or not, to accept eternal life or not. His goal was to offer to everyone eternal life and not the death, the penalty of sin.

We should be so thankful that repenting and accepting the forgiveness of God is available to us all.

Prayer ~ Jesus, thank You for wanting the sinners of this world to live long enough that if we so choose, we can see the light and repent. Amen.

The next time you enjoy the birds or comb your hair, praise the Lord for His providence! May your day be blessed with the Lord’s peace.

Tom McGill


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