Sunday, 14th Week after Pentecost

Text: Mark 5:25-34

Prayer Pointers:

To not be afraid when the Lord calls

For the sons and daughters of God

For those who have suffered long with ill health

SHE COMES TO HIM in fear yet trusting— “if only I touch something of his.” She is afraid—afraid of what she’s about to do, afraid of what she will do if it doesn’t work.

When Jesus insists on finding the person who touched him, she grows more afraid. Will he curse her, an unclean woman who touched him? Will he take back what she gained from him? Will the crowd turn on her?

And so she trembles under Jesus’ gaze.

But in that moment, something remarkable happens: Jesus calls her daughter. It is a extraordinary thing, what this Jesus does. He is in conflict with his own family (3:31-35), he has not yet even referred to God as his Father, but Mark reports that he identifies two people who come to him in faith as members of his family, persons deserving his care and protection: the paralytic in 2:5, and this woman.

I bet she walked from that day singing like no one has ever sung before or since.

I heard the voice of Jesus say,

“ I am this dark world’s light;

Look unto me, your morn shall shine

And all your day be bright.”

I looked to Jesus and I found

In him my star, my sun;

And in that light of life I’ll walk

Til my trav’ling days are done.

May your day be grace-filled ~ Pr. Dave Brooks


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