Sunday, 15th Week after Pentecost

Text: Mark 6:1-6

Prayer Pointers:

To never despise Jesus Christ or his Word to you

To rejoice in the mighty work of salvation

HUMANS ARE HARD OF HEARING when someone close to them calls them to examine their lives. We will readily hear those from far away, who can diagnose or suggest without knowing us too intimately or well, but we bristle at the family member who has made a change or brings a word of renewal, a call to return to the Lord.

Jesus comes with words of wisdom, with power to save, to heal, to change. Do not let the fact that we are now his family through baptism and have known him all our lives prevent us from both hearing and doing his word.

O Word of God incarnate, O Wisdom from on high,

O Truth unchanged, unchanging, O Light of our dark sky;

we praise you for the radiance that from the hallowed page,

a lantern to our footsteps shines on from age to age.

May your day be grace-filled ~ Pr. Dave Brooks


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