Sunday, 4th Week after Pentecost

Text: Luke 12:32-40

Prayer Pointers:

For freedom from possessions

For eyes to see the approach of the Lord

For those who keep watch in the night

I HEARD a sermon once on this text and the preacher asked: "are you a Christian of regular habits or only when the need is upon you? It is like the difference between those who tidy the house a bit every day, and those who scramble to clean all at once because the guest is on the way."

What does it mean for us to know that the Guest is on the way? How do we live our lives in such a way that we show that we expect to meet this guest any moment, even under unusual or unexpected circumstances? As disciples, we are called to live in such a way that our lives point toward Jesus, who is on the way. I say again, Jesus is on the way. We shouldn’t be afraid of that truth. We can adopt habits that help us be ready to take action when we encounter him. We can live as if this life is not all there is.

As the African-American spiritual declares:

Keep your lamps trimmed and burning,

for the time is drawing nigh.

Children, don’t dare grow weary

for the time is drawing nigh.

Christian, the journey’s almost over,

for the time is drawing nigh.

May your day be grace-filled ~ Pr. Dave Brooks


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