Sunday, 5th Week after Pentecost

Text: Psalm 49

Prayer Pointers:

For breath to sing the Lord’s song

For joy in times of trouble

I will solve my riddle to the music of the lyre.

Why sing? In these days, when we are warned about the dangers of singing, I think that there is a danger to singing that no one wants to acknowledge: a people that have a song to sing and a God to praise have solved the riddle of daily living.

We do not sing a song to ourselves, as one poet put it: we sing to the God who ransoms, who redeems, who serves as our place of refuge, our strength to love and serve, our hope for time to come:

O blessed saints, now take your rest;

A thousand times you shall be blest

for keeping faith firm unto death

and scoring worldly trust.

For now you live at home with God

and harvest seeds once cast abroad

in tears and sighs—see with new eyes

the pattern in the seed!

Hear all the angels raise the song;

O saints, sing with that happy throng

Lift up one voice; let heav’n rejoice

in our Redeemer’s Song!

May your day be grace-filled ~ Pr. Dave Brooks


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Mission Statement: We are called to Welcome Everyone to Walk the Way of GRACE, and walk in that way in our individual lives, in our shared life in our various communities, in our common life with our neighbors, and even to the world at large as God sends us. The Way of Grace is to: GROW with Jesus, REJOICE in God, ANSWER with hope, CARE for the neighbor, and EMBRACE community.

Vision Statement: God has a plan FOR OUR LIVES, and so we teach how to walk in the path of Jesus Christ; FOR OUR NEIGHBORHOODS, and so we work to build healthy and strong communities; FOR OUR CITY, and so we share life with our neighbors in Walltown, Trinity Park, Duke, and the Triangle; and FOR OUR WORLD, and so we go with Good News.

Core Values: Because God loves us first, we value worship rooted in Scripture and Sacraments, service to all people, and being a welcoming community that loves and forgives one another.