Sunday, Fifth Week of Easter May 2, 2021

Prayer Pointers:

To not grow weary in seeking the Lord

To not mistake where the Lord may be found in your life

Today’s text: Matthew 7:7-14

MUCH INK HAS BEEN SPILLED over these words of Jesus, and many a preacher has used them to frighten listeners to be unsure of God and believe that the door to heaven will not open without human effort.

Let’s begin by being honest: no effort will wrench open that door that is shut by God’s decree. Our virtues are of no use here.

The door is gained only by invitation.

And here Jesus invites us—pray! Keep praying because God who is in heaven hears and acts on prayers like the most loving father there could ever be, and more. Search the Scriptures! Learn their wisdom, listen for the voice of the one who calls you, who teaches you the right path through life. Life the life he teaches! In following his ways, you will encounter him in moments and places unexpected but delightful.

Do not miss the point: we have been invited. We can respond to that invitation as an either an obligation or as an opportunity, as a burden to be shouldered or a joy to be embraced. One path keeps the focus on us and our efforts; the other turns our eye away from ourselves to the inviter.

May your day be grace-filled ~ Pr. Dave Brooks


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