Sunday in the Seventh Week of Easter

Text: Luke 10:17-24

Prayer Pointers:

For the joy of the inbreaking Kingdom

For those seeking it

For those who live under an earthly king

One of the interesting themes of the Bible is that God “breaks” upon people, meaning God interrupts us in our daily work in ways that we cannot always anticipate. There are plenty of powerful examples: Moses with the burning bush, Elijah within his cave, Mary perplexed at the polite angel, Mary of Magdala standing before a gaping grave.

The passage from Luke offers another example of this phenomenon: the fact that demons flee at the announcement that the Son of the King is on the way is a clear sign that the Kingdom of God is pushing its way into daily life, and everything is going to be different. The disciples, of course, are excited about the sudden results, the new possibilities that have suddenly revealed themselves, but Jesus redirects them, reminding them that the point is not the power that they may or may not have, but the fact that the long-expected Master has arrived and is gathering his own people.

So, to the point: the ways in which God works cannot always be anticipated. We cannot outsmart or outguess God; we cannot work an equation or run a computer model and predict where God will be at work. We cannot anticipate, but we can welcome. We cannot get ahead of God, but we can cultivate wisdom so that we are ready whenever our Lord calls to us. Like the hiker on the trail who learns what to carry so she is not overburdened, or how to read the signs of wind and sky so that she is ready for storms or heat, we can learn the signs of the kingdom, the skills of the Lord’s path, and the trustworthiness of our dear friend Jesus. When we do these things and are then caught by something breaking into our lives, we do not have to be dismayed but rather we can welcome our Lord’s arrival.

Easter joy ~ Pr. Dave Brooks


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