Sunday in the Sixth Week of Easter

Prayer Pointers:

For strength in suffering

For wisdom to see true treasures

For those who work dangerous jobs

We continue our song focus on Sundays.

Martin Luther, who knew a thing or two about suffering, wrote many hymns about the steadfastness and the safety of God. God gives to his children truly good gifts, and Luther had learned through his trials that God was faithful, a source of true protection.

Here is the Engloish text for Luther’s adaptation of the ancient Church hymn “Da pacem, Domine,” (Give peace, O Lord).

In these our days so perilous, Lord, peace in mercy send us; No God but you can fight for us, No God but you defend us; You, our only God and Savior.

Felix Mendelssohn famously reset this song in his anthem Verleih’ uns Frieden.

Our times are always perilous—like towering sea waves, we can be overwhelmed—but God gives to us such gifts that we find ourselves steady on our feet.

May peace and mercy be yours today.

Easter joy ~ Pr. Dave Brooks


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