Sunday in the Third Week of Easter

Text: John 20:11-18

Prayer Pointers:

For Easter hope

For those who seek meaning in life

For those employed in grief and funeral work

There are two striking things about this story from that Easter Sunday long ago:

1) Mary will not be deterred; although the disciples have left the tomb, puzzled, Mary remains, still seeking the one she believes she’s lost. She is persistent, and therefore is blessed as the one who first sees the Lord Jesus alive and glorious;

2) She does not recognize Jesus until he calls her by name. When he first addresses her as “woman,” she mistakes him for another; when she is recognized and named, then she sees her Lord, recognizes his face.

Both of these are echoes of the events in the long-ago garden when the man and the woman hid from the face of God and God came seeking. In that garden, things were upended; in this garden, with its empty tomb, things are made right.

Easter joy ~ Pr. Dave Brooks


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