Sunday of Holy Trinity

Text: John 1:29-34

Prayer Pointers:

For the Church to always glory in the Lord

For new Christians

For pastors, teachers and Church leaders

The doctrine of the Holy Trinity rises from the fact of Jesus Christ.

God up in heaven? To those who are inclined to believe in God, that’s fine, for what else is a heaven for?

The Spirit of God? Sure, beings of spirit are we, not this crude flesh! The more spirituality, the better.

But Jesus, the Lamb of God, the Word, true God and also true man, possessing everything that connects to divine things and yet possessing everything that is a part of human existence—right down to DNA. It is as the New Testament declares: a stumbling block, a fool’s dream, a scandal, impossible. Even down to this day, the true arguments between Christian groups and Christians and non-Christians is over to do about this Jesus, whom John declared was the Son of God.

But, to borrow another verse from John’s Gospel: we speak of what we know and testify to what we have seen. We have been brought into the blessed kingdom of the Father through the self-giving Son by the power of the Holy Spirit. From the waters of baptism until we close our eyes in final sleep, we belong to God and so we sing:

Father all-glorious! Son, our life-giver!

Spirit, our comforter all of our days!

Worthy at all times of praise, adoration

Worship and wonder, your great name we praise!

May your day be grace-filled ~ Pr. Dave Brooks

"Trinity Window," photo courtesy of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod


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