Thursday, 3rd Week after Pentecost

Text: John 3:22-30

Prayer Pointers:

For joy in the approaching king

For faithful witness

For the changing seasons

YESTERDAY was the feast of John the Baptist, but circumstances prevented a glimpse at the meaning of the day.

So let’s do a quick U-turn, go back to that vantage point and see what can be seen.

John and Jesus were cousins, and rivals, to a point. Jesus took up John’s preaching theme of the dawning Kingdom of God as he began his own public ministry. Both cultivated disciples and baptized. There was enough overlap and possible tension that the Gospels report that people come to John to report to him what Jesus was doing, and that John sends some of his followers to interrogate Jesus.

What is remarkable in all of the stories around John in the Scriptures is the consistency of his own sense that he is the forerunner, he is the herald that sprints ahead to announce to people that something, someone important is on the way. “I am the noisemaker,” he says, “the trumpet, the voice raised in your life that something is happening that will affect you.” In other words, no approaching event, no need for the announcer. The trumpet is needed only because there is someone on the way who deserves a trumpet blast, and because you need a chance to get ready! But when the king has appeared, his trumpeter must step aside. It is not the trumpeter’s story; it is not the trumpeter’s day. John points, not to himself, but the one coming.

He must increase, I must fade… It is for this reason that the Church puts John’s feast day near the summer solstice. From this day forward, the light will fail, fade, decrease until, in deep December Jesus, the Son of Glory will appear, and light will grow.

May your day be grace-filled ~ Pr. Dave Brooks


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