Thursday after Holy Trinity

Text: Matthew 11:25-30

Prayer Pointers:

For glory in God's power through the Cross

For willingness to take up Jesus’ yoke

For mentors in the faith

One of the central facts of life in New York City is the subway. One afternoon a train rolled into the station and people rose from their seats and made their way to the doors of the car. The train stopped...and nothing happened. The doors were shut. Everyone waited a long time, but still, nothing happened. Finally, an announcement came over the PA system: This train is out of service due to mechanical problems. The doors will not open. Please leave the train immediately.

Is that not a description of our situations, the bind we all find ourselves in? We need to get off this train, but the doors are shut. The wisdom by which we live, the wisdom we have created for ourselves, does not give us a path forward, but leaves us hemmed in, trapped.

Jesus mentions his “yoke,” a word that rabbis would use to describe their teachings, their system, their way of living in the world. And one might think that any worthwhile system or school would be hard. But Jesus declares that his yoke, his way is easy and light. His teaching is for us to look to him, and embrace the wisdom of his cross, the “wisdom of God that confounds the wise” (1 Cor 1:26-30).

Jesus, the wisdom of God, offers us a way forward, a way out, a path to walk. He calls to you to join him—never too late to start.

May your day be grace-filled ~ Pr. Dave Brooks


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Mission Statement: We are called to Welcome Everyone to Walk the Way of GRACE, and walk in that way in our individual lives, in our shared life in our various communities, in our common life with our neighbors, and even to the world at large as God sends us. The Way of Grace is to: GROW with Jesus, REJOICE in God, ANSWER with hope, CARE for the neighbor, and EMBRACE community.

Vision Statement: God has a plan FOR OUR LIVES, and so we teach how to walk in the path of Jesus Christ; FOR OUR NEIGHBORHOODS, and so we work to build healthy and strong communities; FOR OUR CITY, and so we share life with our neighbors in Walltown, Trinity Park, Duke, and the Triangle; and FOR OUR WORLD, and so we go with Good News.

Core Values: Because God loves us first, we value worship rooted in Scripture and Sacraments, service to all people, and being a welcoming community that loves and forgives one another.