Thursday First Week of Easter April 8, 2021

Prayer Pointers:

Prayer Pointers: For those who preach the Word in all seasons

That the People of God would seek the Fountain of Life

Today’s text: Acts 3:11-26

IN HEALING THE lame man on Solomon’s Porch, Peter and John are careful to note two things: that this healing is no work of theirs, no result of their superiority; and that the One who did make this possible—the risen

Jesus Christ—is no novelty, no upstart, no “new and improved” but rather one who is woven through all of Israel’s history. “Search the Scriptures,” they declare, and you will find this Servant of God who has in these days been vindicated by the Mighty One.

Peter and John’s message is a direct challenge to us today. We want, even crave the adulation of the crowd—we want to be noticed, because we have been taught that the only thing that vindicates us is recognition, fame, even notoriety. “I must be important, everyone is talking about me” is our culture’s view of life.

In response, Christians must go back to what the Reformers called ad fontes, “to the source.” We are not meant to be upstarts, but rather grounded and rooted in the Source of all things. As a line from the hymn “I Love to Tell the Story” puts it:

And when, in scenes of glory

I sing the new, new song,

“twill be the old, old story

That I have loved so long.

May your day be grace-filled ~ Pr. Dave Brooks


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