Thursday in the Fifth Week of Easter

Today’s text: Matthew 6:25-34

If there is a word that describes our world, it is anxiety. Everything about our lives cultivates unease: our economic decisions, our relationships, our sense of ourselves. Even worse, our ability to sense God at work in our daily lives is strained, for the very way we see and understand the universe calls into question how and where God can work.

Yet, into our closed universe, God continues to break in and accomplish his good purposes. There are constant signs, hints, whispers: the lily that grows, the spider that spins, the bee that buzzes, the bird that sings are all signs of God’s care. Even us, who are tempted to keep our heads down and never look up into the faces of our neighbors, can feel, sense moments when we are aware that there is more than what we can see.

In such moments, remember that you have a Heavenly Father who knows your need, who loves you with a wondrous, deep and enduring love, and who has a plan for your life. He is reaching out to you—and Easter is the story that nothing can thwart God!


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