Thursday in the Fourth Week of Easter

Text: Romans 8:1-10

Prayer Pointers:

For the strength of the Holy Spirit

For those under condemnation

Part of what makes the Christian message hard for us today is that we have learned one lesson very well: I am the only one that can make meaning for me, I am the only one who can judge my actions. If I do what is best for me, or if I do what comes naturally from my deepest self, then no one else can condemn me.

Including God.

But the Easter message is as Paul declares: Jesus has set you free. Each of us, left to our own devices, labor under the law of sin and death. We are not powerful enough to free ourselves. We are in bondage, and the terrible irony is that the way of living which the world offers is the very problem! By insisting that we are masters of our own souls, we only reveal the dreadful depth of our predicament. We are bound; we are chained to death.

But Jesus, laid in a tomb that is not his own, bursts forth with life, and he is powerful enough to give his life to us! No more are we bound; we are able to live, not for ourselves but for another and be truly free. And so we have

Easter joy ~ Pr. Dave Brooks


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