Thursday, Second Week of Lent March 4, 2021

Prayer pointers:

For steadiness in following the Son

To trust the judgment of God

Today’s text: John 5:19-29

FOR ALL OUR DESIRE to follow our own path, no one is really “self-made.” All of us are an amalgam of others: we pick up the habits, the tastes and the goals of others around us. Sadly, much of what we collect is contradictory, self-defeating or even evil; the worse part of our desire for authenticity of the self is that it is hard to develop the perspective we need to see the end results of our habits.

This is why Jesus, in inviting us to follow him, talks of his “yoke.” To take up a teacher’s yoke is to imitate the teacher; it is to walk in the path the teacher has made, even to the point of putting your feet in the teacher’s footprints. After all, Jesus himself did not follow his own path, but watched and did what his Father was doing. His habits of life were shaped by what he picked up from the Father, and his disciples practiced those habits in turn.

As you continue your Lenten walk, think about the habits, tastes and goals you have collected over the years. Are you in the footprints of the Teacher?

May your day be grace-filled ~ Pr. Dave Brooks


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