Tuesday, 21st week after Pentecost

Text: Acts 23:12-24

Prayer Pointers:

To not get caught up in idolatry and falsehood

To trust God in all times and places

AT THIS JUNCTURE, Acts reads like an adventure novel; there are plots and attempted assassinations, sudden interventions and timely escapes.

For us, there are two main points:

We are fond of thinking that “what you believe isn’t as important as that you believe sincerely.” Such a thought partly exposes our real belief that God does not affect us or our world, has no power, isn’t interested, or is not there at all. The object of your faith isn’t the issue; only that you believe in something! Yet it is the object of your faith, whether God or an idol (including the idol of the self) that motivates your behavior, and an idol will lead to all sorts of bad behavior, including murder. Having the true God as the solid ground of your faith will preserve us from all sorts of iniquity.

Let us not despair! Paul’s situation appears, from a human perspective, rather hopeless; yet God is able to work in all sorts of circumstances to bring about his good purposes for you and for others. The word of promise is true and trustworthy: God’s plans for you and me—to set us free from the grip of sin and death and bring us to his side—are not thwarted by any force in the universe, and God uses all sorts of instruments to accomplish his goals. Do not be afraid! You may find that God is at work in places and among people that you would not expect.

May your day be grace-filled ~ Pr. Dave Brooks


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