Tuesday, 23rd week of Pentecost

Text: Luke 10:1-16

Prayer Pointers:

To be bold in sharing the Good News

To be sharp eyed for the children of peace

To trust the Lord for your life

AS JESUS SENDS THE disciples on their missionary journey, he has two goals: to teach his followers how to share the Message of the Kingdom and to learn how to trust God in every arena of life.

It is hard to imagine that the disciples were not filled with anxiety as they got on the road. People are tribal, and a local village might not welcome strangers. Thieves and robbers might waylay them. Bad weather, a sprained ankle, or lost food might unravel the journey.

In all of this, Jesus gives an interesting piece of instruction: be on the watch for the “son of peace.” This Hebraic phrasing refers to someone who embodies the way of peace. In much the same way that we might identify a person’s sons or daughters by the shared family behaviors or mannerisms, so we can say the same about the “sons of wisdom,” “children of war,” “daughters of joy,” “sisters of misery.” Here, Jesus is saying two things: one, be on the lookout for that individual who connects with your message, for that person will make it possible for a whole household to hear what you have to say, and two, pay attention to God’s part in this work. Don’t beat your head on those who do not want to hear; go to where God has already softened the soil.

If the disciples were concerned about finding this person of peace, they could look back on an earlier lesson: the centurion of Luke 7, who was open to the message of Jesus and demonstrated a depth of faith that moved even Jesus himself.

As your day unfolds, be on the lookout for the people of peace that God sends your way!

May your day be grace-filled ~ Pr. Dave Brooks


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