Tuesday, First Week of Advent

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

As a part of our Advent observances at Grace, we are making use of Concordia Publishing’s Behold the Child materials for worship. Our web devotions through Christmas will be guided by Pastor Kevin Golden’s devotional booklet written in support of the Behold the Child theme (you may purchase a downloadable copy of Pr. Golden’s book by following this link).

Prayer Pointers:

To trust God's leading

To be ready for God's approach

Text: Psalm 122:1-2

Faith says, “let’s go!” –Pr. Kevin Golden

December is the month of going places, whether to see family, to join friends for a party, or enjoy a winter vacation. For many of us, going to church is part of the December plan.

Except this year. The pandemic has put paid on so many plans, and the only place that most of us will be “going” is somewhere around our house.

But that doesn’t stop God! The Psalmist is glad to go to Jerusalem because he trusts that God is there. God has promised to be among His people, and that promise draws out a joyful response: let’s go!

And now God has drawn near to us, to be present among us in our sorrows, in our joys, in all of life. His Son has come to us, who brings to us the fullness of the Father. Life is shot through with divine possibility.

Wherever you go this December—even if it’s no further than your backyard—be ready for God to reveal himself to you in the midst of life!

May you live in Advent hope ~ Pr. Dave Brooks

--Quoted materials are from Behold the Child Daily Devotions #12-4563

© 2019 Concordia Publishing House. Used with permission under license 20:12-1.


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