Tuesday, Fourth Week of Easter April 27, 2021

Prayer Pointers:

That the Lord would rule over you

That the Lord would give you joy in his rule over all things

For those who govern in our land

Today’s text: Colossians 1:15-23

ST. PAUL TELLS THE COLOSSIANS plainly: in all things, Jesus is preeminent. He is First. He is Above. He is Before. In a society saturated with the understanding that there were people who higher, more lofty, more regal, more honorable, more suited to exercise power, and that there were people who were lower, squalid, humble, dishonorable and unsuited to power, the idea that the Greatest of All noticed them, drew near to them, wished to bless them—in fact, identified with them—landed with a thunderclap. As humble Mary sang: let the mighty on their thrones tremble! God has lifted up the lowly!

Today, Paul’s proclamation is a bit of a challenge. It is not so much that there are those in our world who might be higher up on the economic ladder, some lower; it is more the fact that all of us are convinced of our greatness, that each of us is entitled to power—no one will rule over us! No one may thwart us, deny us what we want! We may allow others to govern in our place, but make no mistake, they govern only by our permission (which is what every king and queen has ever said). Our estrangement from God is a mighty challenge, for Jesus the Anointed One comes to each of us who have enthroned ourselves and says “excuse me, you’re in my seat.”

May your day be grace-filled ~ Pr. Dave Brooks


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