Tuesday, Fourth Week of Epiphany February 2, 2021

Prayer pointers:

To hope in the Lord

For those who proclaim good news

Today’s text: Isaiah 52:1-12

MANY A PARENT has peppered a child with the need to be presentable. “Wash your face and comb your hair!” “Tuck in that shirt!” “Stand up straight!” Even as teens down through the ages have grumbled, nonetheless there is a small bit of wisdom in the old phrase “dress for success.”

But to dress well means that we have hope, that there is someone out there who will notice, who will see us.

Much of our current life is undermined by the idea that we have no real reason to hope, that there is no one who really notices, no one who truly cares.

Isaiah disagrees—the watchmen are singing, their eyes filled with the sight of the Lord’s approach. The Lord God sees! He sees us!

Left to ourselves, our strength ebbs, our hopes fail, our troubles carry us away. But the Lord God sees—and he is our hope, for his salvation has come to us. God goes before us to lead the way; he stands behind us to protect us. Nothing in life can snatch us out of his hand. From every place and life that we might say are wasted, God can bring forth joy and singing.

When you look into the mirror today, even if it’s just for a lick and a promise, remember that you are the apple of God’s eye, and he will answer your deepest hopes.

May your day be grace-filled ~ Pr. Dave Brooks


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